ShareVault VDR to Offer Connections to DocuSign, Sync, and Share Platforms

We have reviewed ShareVault Virtual Data Room, one of the leading VDR providers on the market. This popular VDR has updated their software to include connectors to: popular file sync and share platforms as well as the popular DocuSign.

New Connectors

ShareVault VDR will now offer connectors to:

  • Dropbox
  • SharePoint
  • Box
  • Office 365
  • DocuSign

So, what’s the big deal? These are some of the most popular share and file sync platforms used in business today. DocuSign is also the most popular and well-respected software for electronic signing for any type of transaction.

Secure Sharing via Third Party Cloud-Based Platforms

ShareVault is currently the only VDR with the ability to give users the ability to connect people and content across platforms. This VDR allows companies and organizations to share confidential information with third parties securely through a single “pane of glass,” as they call it. This means that external/third-parties can login to a single web application and access content from all of the users’ various cloud-based platforms with complete security.

What Do These New Connectors Accomplish?

Sensitive and important documents are often stored in multiple file-sharing solutions in a business enterprise. With the new connectors such as Dropbox and Box, this will add to the existing Office 365 and SharePoint connectors, which will allow companies to share Human Resource, R&D, financial, sales, marketing, manufacturing, legal, and other sensitive information with the highest level of security.

While popular business file sharing and syncing platforms are great choices for collaborating and sharing files with internal and trusted external parties, however, when it comes to sensitive information and files, sharing must be completed in a safer and more secure manner. ShareVault is a full-featured VDR that offers this security. The new connectors added to this VDR recently will allow users to combine the benefits of both platforms while offering security to keep business files safe.

The new DocuSign connector will give ShareVault users the ability to submit documents to a DocuSign eSignature workflow directly within the VDR. Once signing is complete, the fully executed document is automatically placed in ShareVault. This is a simple but secure process that can actually be tailored to streamline a wide range of standards-compliant eSignature protocols.

The new connectors of ShareVault were designed in order to be simple and avoid the installation of additional software. Syncing folders to ShareVault will be extremely easy now with the new updates. Once your documents are synced, the files can be accessed by ShareVault VDR users with all of the customizable security features, including:

  • Printing
  • Saving
  • Blocking Copying and Pasting
  • Screenshots
  • Revoke access to documents after they’ve been downloaded

This will make ShareVault one of the more secure, connected virtual data rooms available for businesses.


The media seemingly reports security breaches of personal information, financial information, and business information on a weekly basis. It has become more important than ever to make sure that sensitive business files and information and absolutely secured when shared with third parties.

The enhanced features and security to users of DocuSign, Office 365, Box, SharePoint, and Dropbox are improved with ShareVault’s new integration capabilities. Take a look at these new connectors at the following link from the ShareVault VDR website:

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