RR Donnelley Venue: Review

Intended Users
RR Donnelley Venue virtual data room (VDR) is intended for SMB’s (Small-Medium Businesses).

This VDR was created with the following industries in mind:
Due Diligence
Hedge Funds
IPO & Exits
M&A Buy Side and Sell Side
Post Merger
Private Equity
Board Reporting
Clinical Studies
Debt Financing
Distressed Real Estate

RR Donnelley Venue virtual data room offers both a virtual workspace as well as a data room to safely and securely manage and store your files and information. From conducting due diligence, raising capital, or creating a document repository online, the Venue by RR Donnelley is a place for SMB’s to manage their critical information, files, and have a virtual workspace to get your deals done quickly and efficiently.

Companies Using RR Donnelley’s Venue
Some of the most well-known companies and institutions using RR Donnelley Venue including:
Bain Capital
Bristol-Myers Squibb
ConAgra Foods
Ernst & Young
Goldman Sachs
Express Scripts
J.P. Morgan
Lockheed Martin
Symantec (Norton)
The Walt Disney Company

This extremely impressive list of users known the world over for their high-caliber security needs certainly makes Venue a software to seriously consider.

– Online, Web, SaaS

Online Platform

Features of RR Donnelley Venue VDR
RR Donnelley is based in Chicago, Illinois, but the Venue VDR uses European servers, which is perfect for creating the fastest VDR for users around the globe.

– Document Security
– 128-Bit SSL Encryption
– 256-Bit SSL Encryption

– Document Expiry
– Dynamic Watermarks
– Data Backup
– 101 SOC 2 Certified
– Virus Scanning

Venue features the necessary controls that are in place in order to support compliance HIPPA and CFR Title 21 Part 11 regulations.

Infrastructure Security
Venue is tested by professional audit and is 101 compliant. In fact, they offer annual hacking tests to make sure they are ahead of malicious hacking techniques.

Note that this VDR does not seem to be ISO 27001 Certified or SSAE 16 Certified.

User Interface
– Branded Website
– Bulk Uploads
– Drag and Drop Files
– Scroll-Through Viewer
– Full Text Search
– Q&A Section

– Mobile Device Interface
– Multi-Language Support

Access Security
– Two-Factor Authentications
– Permission Groups
– Set User Permissions

– Audit Logs
– Automatic Audit Reports
– Document Version Control

Full-Service Project Management Assistance
With project managers available 24/7 around the globe, you can do anything from arranging a physical data room for a business trip across the globe within the hour, request cost management consulting, quick language translations when meeting a surprise client at the airport, and a range of other services.

More than simple customer support, Venue’s representatives are trained to understand your industry needs and VDR project management project needs. These problem-solving representatives can help you with anything you need, such as:
– Translations
– Print On-Demand
– File Delivery
– Edgar-izing Documents
– Disclosure Compliance
– Arrange for a Physical Data Room
– Monitor Costs and Invoices
– Content Formatting
– Customization of Interface
– Control Users’ Access
– Disclosure Compliance

Included in your price are all of these features and unlimited customer representative support. As a user, you can even receive urgent assistance for when an emergency arises. From localized to global support, you have RR Donnelley working for you.

Free Demo
You can check out a free demo video of this VDR at the following link: https://www.dfsco.com/venue/demo.

You must contact RR Donnelley directly to receive a price for your plan. The plans are all-inclusive and full-service – after speaking with a representative you can be sure you will receive the software that can support the size of your business, your client load, your unique business needs, and security requirements.

Contact Venue by RR Donnelley: https://www.dfsco.com/venue/contact.

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