Review: Citrix ShareFile VDR for Small-Medium Businesses and Large Enterprises

Whether you are a small business, medium business or a large enterprise, finding the right virtual database room is crucial for your security, sharing capabilities, and a seamless work experience among your employees. Finding one that does not only all of this but at a great deal, is something every business is seeking.


Citrix ShareFile is extremely affordable, starting at only $29.95 per month, and similar to the VDR software “iDeals,” this VDR software offers three platform options: on-premise, Mobile, and online/in the Cloud. This software is intended for Small-Medium Businesses and Large Enterprises.

The industry solutions provided by Citrix are as follows:

  • Due Diligence
  • Bankruptcy
  • Board Reporting
  • Clinical Studies
  • Debt Financing
  • Distressed Real Estate
  • Post Merger
  • M&A (Merger and Acquisition) Buy Side
  • M&A Sell Side
  • Post Merger
  • Private Equity
  • Fundraising
  • Hedge Funds
  • IPO & Exits
  • Litigation
  • Restructuring

You may be somewhat familiar with Citrix if you have used GoToMeeting or XenApp, so one of the pluses right off the bat is that you know Citrix is big on collaboration.  Secure document sharing, naturally, was a logical market for Citrix. If you have used Citrix products before, you have likely become familiar with the nuances of their plugins. Depending on the version your company uses and the web browser, the plugins may cause a few headaches for those unaccustomed to its use.


Ease of Use


Since the price for Citrix’s services is so low, it is expected that there may be some shortcomings. Surprisingly, users report that ShareFile’s virtual data room is easy to set up and is intuitive in its use. The reasonable price tag is a huge plus as well as the fact that this VDR does not require other software to use or plugins.


Once a user is in the web based application, ShareFile is a powerful tool and very intuitive to use, even for first-timers. Despite the low price tag, you still get bulk uploads, full-text search, unlimited support, and APO automation. You also have the peace of mind, knowing that your documents are secure in this VDR, within audited data centers, protected by granular user permissions.

It is no surprise to see how Citrix carved themselves into the VDR market so well with their user friendly platforms and software and reasonable prices.


The only complaint (by only two to three companies) was there was no proper support function. However, that hasn’t stopped so many Fortune 500 companies from using ShareFile. So, if you know what you’re doing and need a VDR on a budget, try out Citrix ShareFile for a secure, efficient service that is easy to use and is easy on the wallet.


Breakdown of the Tech Specs and Features:

  • User Interface
    • Branded Website
    • Bulk Uploads
    • Drag and Drop Files
    • Full Text Search
    • In Document Linking
    • Microsoft Office Integration
    • Q&A Section
    • Scroll-Through Viewer
Drag and Drop Feature

Drag and Drop Feature

  • Document Security
    • 128-Bit SSL Encryption
    • 256-Bit SSL Encryption
    • Data Backup
    • Document Expiry
    • Dynamic Watermarks
    • ISO 27001 Certified
    • On Save/On Open Encryption
    • SOC 2 Certified
    • SSAE 16 Certified
    • Virus Scanning

On-Premise, Cloud/Online, Mobile Platforms Available

  • Accessibility
    • iPad Application
    • Mobile Device Interface
    • On Premise
    • Online / Cloud
    • No Client Software Required
    • Multi-Language Support


  • Access Security
    • Mobile Device management
    • Permission Groups
    • Set User Permissions
    • Two-Factor Authentications
    • Multiple Factor/Multiple Channel Verification
  • Audit/Report
    • Audit Logs
    • Document Version Control
    • Automatic Audit Reports
    • Notifications



This VDR platform includes Online/Cloud, On Premise, and Mobile. Not all VDR allows all three platforms, (many give up on premise platforms), so this is a huge plus for Citrix.


Mobile Platforms

Citrix ShareFile is available on a multitude of mobile platforms, including: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Mobile Website, Symbian, and Windows Phone.



Operating Systems

This software works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.



Price-wise, Citrix ShareFile is a huge part of their popularity. Seeing a product that clearly displays their price is a rare thing. Starting at only $29.95 per month, Citrix makes searching for a virtual data room (or business software in general) a much easier task.

Price for Unlimited Rooms and Client Users is $295/month if you pay annually.

Price for Unlimited Rooms and Client Users is $295/month if you pay annually.

For unlimited rooms and client users, ShareFile is very upfront with their starting price of $295/month if paid annually (they give you a deal). This is probably one of the reasons that 99% of Fortune 500 companies use ShareFile by Citrix.



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