Infocentrix VDR: Review

What is Infocentrix?

Infocentrix is a new Australia-based virtual data room (VDR) that is secure, offers document management and sharing capabilities, and is web-based for superior access and pricing. This VDR is a cloud-based solution that allows businesses and companies to upload documents online, keep them organized, allow them to be accessed by other users, allow them to be shared to other parties, and be an effective solution to many of the transaction needs of businesses, lawyers, financial institutions, and professionals in a range of industries.


Intended Users

Infocentrix VDR is a cost effective data storage solution for bankers/financial officers, advisors, lawyers/law firms, the real estate market, property buyers, and a range of businesses worldwide. As with any VDR, it is also ideal for due diligence, M&A, government agencies, private organizations, consultancy firms, etc…

This controlled information sharing system is quick, shows you real-time information, and can give investors immediate access to information that they need. From transactions to information, your clients will be impressed at your ability to close a deal professionally.

This VDR is best suited for mid-sized businesses.



  • Web, Cloud, SaaS
  • Mobile Connectivity



Infocentrix has a range of full features that will ultimately offer more value for the money. These features include the following:


Drag and Drop File Uploading

This feature facilitates the process of file uploading. With the best technology and fast speeds, you can mass upload whatever you need to the VDR, from high volume transfers to select folders.


Mobile Connectivity

Because Infocentrix VDR is web-based, it also allows you to add users through your mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones), which instantly allows them to access your files. You can use this if you are in a meeting, for example, so that the person you are speaking to in-person can easily access your files. This is extremely useful for due diligence and meeting connections and potential clients.


Flexible Viewing Privileges

With this feature you have complete control over what documents users can access and see on an individual user basis. You can grant certain users with access to certain documents or you can lock them out or revoke them later on. This allows you to choose at the right time, who gets to access selected documents and confidential information.


Locking Capabilities

The locking capability is very important in business-based VDRs. This allows you to have additional control over your confidential information and sensitive documents by allowing you to: disable copying, printing, downloading, and even screen capturing! This keeps your data safe from being used in a way you do not want to, even from those users you have granted access.


Secure Online Document Storage

Your files and data are secure in this virtual data room and are safe from unauthorized downloading, accessing, manipulating, and viewing. Infocentrix guarantees that your folders and files will never be leaked or your sensitive data disclosed to anyone without your permission or your knowledge.



Redaction is a great tool to have in any VDR. This is incredibly useful for blocking out parts of a document that contains information that is sensitive, personal, financial, or something that a user simply is not authorized to view.

This feature includes the ability for you to redact, block out, and rectify parts of any document to give you the ability to remove select information that you don’t want other parties to see.


Tracking and Logging Features

This VDR also has advanced logging and tracking features that enable site managers to create instant reports in order to give you a real-time information on which folders and documents that users have been accessing and reviewing.



Unfortunately, there are no free trials of Infocentrix VDR, but the price of this data room is claimed to be low. You will have to contact Infocentrix directly for a price quote.


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