FDM Platform by Framesoft: Review

What is FDM Platform?

Created by Framesoft, FDM Platform is a virtual data room (VDR) that was created for mid-sized businesses.

This software was designed to securely exchange confidential data, create personal bookmarks, manage document versions, handle email attachments, and more.

Intended Users

Mid-Sized Businesses are best suited to this VDR. Those in the financial, legal, M&A, and other industries will find the security and ease of exchanging information very useful.


  • Cloud, Web, SaaS
  • Desktop
  • Mobile



The FDM Platform by Framesoft offers a secure virtual data room for exchanging information between multiple internal/external parties and acts as a data repository.

User Permissions

You can decide who get to see what with user permissions, which provides selective access for security purposes and ease of use. There is total control over confidential documents, which is perfect for projects in M&A, as well as legal transactions, due diligence, clinical trials, business capital raises, and more.

Data Management

With this virtual data room, you can create organizational structures that are required for your specific industry, as well as manage a range of electronic files (e-Files) and documents to be: tracked, stored, and searched via full text search or assigning keywords that you configure on the basis of self-defined business rules.


FDM Platform offers your business the security level required for the exchanging of confidential information and documents, including:

  • State of the art TLS encryption of data transfer
  • Access to a single folder and document
  • Fine grained authorization privilege system (access control)

VDR Access

Accessing the FDM Platform, which is your virtual data room, is easy and can be done in the following ways:

  • FDM Internet Browser Module (e.g., MS Internet Explorer)
  • Framesoft Scanning Solution (FSS) — setup and configuration would be required
  • MS File Explorer (via FDM Virtual Filing System) — setup and configuration would be required
  • Forwarding email into FDM Platform including response — setup and configuration would be required

Plans & Pricing

For pricing and options for your virtual data room, you must contact Framesoft directly.

You can contact Framesoft via the option at the following link: http://www.framesoft.com/contact-us-footer


Notes on Subscription, Cancellation, Setup, etc…

The FDM Platform (VDR) can be used instantly and easily.

  • Usage is based on monthly membership model per named user
  • Membership can be terminated (via monthly basis)
  • Very quick setup and configuration of organization-specific profiles
  • Number of users can be updated at anytime

Free Trial

Unfortunately, no free trials can be easily found on the Framsoft website. You can contact Framesoft and request a demo if you wish.

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