CTC-Aspire Dataroom: Review

This VDR is a document management system with an information request center, access control capabilities, and document libraries uploading. This UK-based software offers auditing, collaboration, data protection, due diligence management, role-based permissions, and data storage management that will fulfil nearly any business’s virtual data room needs.

This software is made by CTC-Aspire (UK) Limited,who specializes in secure virtual data room solutions, along with a number of other industry solutions from marketing, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, and website building and development.

Intended Users

Clients of this CTC-Aspire’s VDR software includes businesses and companies ranging from investment brokers, insurance companies, law firms, property companies/real estate, oil/gas firms, mining companies, solar energy companies, and more — as well as public sector organizations.

CTC-Aspire is intended for Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs).

  • Due Diligence
  • IPO & Exits
  • M&A (Buy and Sell Sides)
  • Post Merger
  • Litigation
  • Fundraising
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Oil/Gas/Coal
  • Insurance

…and a range of different businesses in a number of industries.


  • Online, Web, Cloud, SaaS
  • Mobile


Since CTC-Aspire is an online-based virtual data room, you can access your VDR and your data/files from anywhere across the globe 24/7. As long as you have a web browser with an internet connection, the CTC-Aspire’s built-in security features will make sure you can login from a mobile device safely and securely.


  • Document Scanning
  • Corporate Data Room Features
  • Virtual Data Rooms for M&A
  • Document Archive
  • Cloud-Based Data Backup Solutions

The VDRs for M&A is aimed at companies that are involved in due diligence for M&A processes.

Corporate Data Room offers access to company-wide information and is ideal for company intranet, home workers, remote workers, and organizations that have unusually high data storage needs.

Document Archive provides access to historical documents such as: accounts records and employee records.

Document Scanning offers a comprehensive document scanning service for users that can be carried out on-site or at your location or from the CTC-Aspire office.

Cloud-Based Backup

This software offers a secure, cloud-based data backup and recovery solution for business owners. There are different Backup Packages to choose from that will suit different business budgets and needs

Total Backup

The Total Backup plan backs up all of your data n a daily, incremental schedule. This is the recommended backup package, because it will ensure that all of your folders and files remain safe no matter what happens.

Partial Backup

This backup option backs up system files and critical files only — omitted certain pre-defined folders or file types (can substantially reduce volume of data that is backed up).

Dataroom Security

The security of this dataroom incorporates the highest security levels with only authorized personnel being able to access the system.

All of your data is encrypted before being stored, and is protected by 256 Bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Encryption during transfer to and from the VDR.

A full audit trail of document downloaded/viewed is made available on a person by person basis.

The VDR system also offers an Information Request Center (essentially, a Q&A), which allows interested parties to get with the project management team and make requests for information and/or to see fully documented replies to their inquiries without the need to send this information through unsecured methods such as letters or emails.

Dataroom Setup

CTC-Aspire offers same- and next-day setup for all M&A Datarooms for accelerated mergers and acquisition deals. This setup takes no more than four hours.

  • Set up a secure domain in a name of your choice from which the Dataroom will be accessed (running 256 Bit SSL Encryption).
  • Add all features such as Information Request Center and Audit trail which you will have requested and prepare your Datarom for use.
  • Set up User Groups and Group Permissions defining which folders users can see.
  • Prepare registration page to which all users will be sent before being given access to Dataroom. Users will agree to your T&C of dataroom use before being assigned their usernames and passwords.
  • Customize appearance of the Dataroom to include your logo and corporate colors.


When Adding Documents to Your Dataroom, the procedure is as follows:

  • Prepare an index of documents to be uploaded to the Dataroom (you will likely want to do this yourself, but customer service will help as needed).
  • Scan all documents to your hard disk and convert them to PDF format (CTC-Aspire can quote for this if you require it).
  • Upload the documents to the VDR. Documents can be uploaded individually or in bulk. All documents added to the Dataroom will be indexed for easy retrieval via online search.
  • Check the integrity of the Document Tree to ensure it matches your original index and that it is complete.


When Sending People to Your Dataroom, CTC-Aspire recommends that users of the VDR register and agree to the Confidentiality Agreement before being access to your VDR. To achieve this, we will provide you with a web address to send people to — together with a Pincode, which when entered, will take them to your Confidentiality Agreement. Login details will be sent via email.

Main Features of M&A Dataroom

  • Index of Documents

This is a structured directory of documents (such as Adobe PDF format, Microsoft Word, Excel, etc…), which users can maintain and be viewed or downloaded by authorized visitors to the website.

  • Information Request Center

A facility which can enable interested parties to liaise with the Buyer, request answers to specific questions and see fully documented replies to your requests.

  • List of Authorized Representatives

A full list of all authorized users of the Dataroom, with a full audit trail of documents viewed/downloaded.

  • Draft Agreements

Area where draft contracts can be uploaded and viewed (on request).



The online backup solution is perfect for businesses in any industries, as well as for personal users. This is because this feature offers a range of benefits that traditional backup methods don’t offer.

  • Data is fully encrypted
  • Mirrored to two UK-based data centers (in Reading and Bracknell)
  • Eradicates need for “off-site” backups
  • Reduces the need for on-site visits
  • Reduces costs of maintaining your IT systems
  • Restore data from any location

Document Security

  • 256 Bit SSL Encryption
  • Data Backup
  • ISO 27001 Certified

Audit / Report

  • Audit Logs
  • Document Version Control

Access Security

  • Permission Groups
  • Set User Permissions

User Interface

  • Branded Website
  • Bulk Uploads
  • Full Text Search


  • Multi-Language Support

Plans & Pricing


The M&A Dataroom is available in 4 different packages. The prices reflect the cost in GBP (British Pounds). When you call CTC-Aspire to inquire about a plan, you can ask about USD payment options and pricing.

Each plan offers pricing or monthly, a price for every three months, a six month price, and a one year/annual price.


SME Dataroom:

Price Plans: 1 Month for 75 GBP / 1 Year for 650 GBP

  • Up to 5 Users
  • 1 GB of Storage
  • SSL Encryption
  • Data Encryption
  • Bulk Upload and Download
  • Free Tech Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Business Dataroom:

Price Plans: 1 Month for 200 GBP / 1 Year for 1,250 GBP

  • Up to 10 User
  • 5 GB of Storage
  • Data Encryption
  • SSL Encryption
  • Bulk Download and Upload
  • Free Tech Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Business Pro Dataroom:

Price Plans: 1 Month for 300 GBP / 1 Year for 1,950 GBP

  • Up to 30 Users
  • 10 GB of Storage
  • Data Encryption
  • SSL Encryption
  • Bulk Upload and Download
  • Free Tech Support
  • Detailed Account Manager

Enterprise Dataroom:

Contact CTC-Aspire for Price and Plan.

  • Unlimited Users
  • 50 GB of Storag

You can also use the following link in order to request a consultation: http://www.ctc-aspire.co.uk/request-a-consultation-vdr-115.html


Free Demo

You can enjoy a free demo of these plans upon request.

Contact Information

To get information on how this VDR software solution can help your business, you can fill in a form with your inquiry at the following CTC-Aspire link: http://www.ctc-aspire.co.uk/contact-us-8.html

You can also call CTC-Aspire at the following number (be sure to enter the international code at the beginning if you do not live in the UK: +44 (0)1491 410305.

You can also fill out an Inquiry Form at this link: http://www.ctc-aspire.co.uk/contact-us-8.html

CTC-Aspire (UK) Limited is physically located at:

The Farmhouse

Highlands Land



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