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Admincontrol VDR: Review

What is Admincontrol? Admincontrol is a virtual data room (VDR) software that is used to share sensitive information and documents — featuring easy sharing tools, security, and total control over one’s sensitive documents, this VDR makes collaboration and sharing a key feature as opposed to simply offering a solution for document and file storage. This […]

Virtual Vaults VDR: Review

What is Virtual Vaults? Virtual Vaults is a virtual data room (VDR) created in the Netherlands by Virtual Vaults Nederland B.V., which offers users around the globe with a secure, collaborative VDR that can be used to store sensitive information, safely manage transactions and acquisitions, and provide a global cloud-based data room that can be […]

idrShare: Review

What is idrShare? Brought to you by idrShare LLC, idrShare is a virtual data room based in Texas that allows businesses to share, manage, and store files securely and reliably. The VDRs offered by this service provider are tailored to your specific needs — from unique branding needs, website layout, color theme, and more — […]

Dealtable (VDR): Review

What is Dealtable? Founded in 2016, Dealtable is a virtual data room (VDR) by Dealtable, Inc.; and is a deal management platform that allows its users to control how their deals are: negotiated, marketed, and due diligenced. This platform is free, offers high security levels, offers set user permissions, and has features such as: deal […]

Vitrium (VDR for Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Content): Review

What is Vitrium? Vitrium is a software that provides document security solutions for publishers and owners of PDF documents in order to protect their valuable content. Vitrium is more than a virtual data room (VDR), it is also more than copyright protection — this software stores and protects: intellectual property, confidential and sensitive information, and […]

FDM Platform by Framesoft: Review

What is FDM Platform? Created by Framesoft, FDM Platform is a virtual data room (VDR) that was created for mid-sized businesses. This software was designed to securely exchange confidential data, create personal bookmarks, manage document versions, handle email attachments, and more. Intended Users Mid-Sized Businesses are best suited to this VDR. Those in the financial, […]


Fordata virtual data room (VDR) is the leading Polish provider of VDRs that offer services for legal, financial, real estate, and other industries around the world. Fordata VDR is a web application (cloud-based storage) used for secure storage of files and data as well as controlled sharing of documents with third parties. Most commonly used […]

CTC-Aspire Dataroom: Review

This VDR is a document management system with an information request center, access control capabilities, and document libraries uploading. This UK-based software offers auditing, collaboration, data protection, due diligence management, role-based permissions, and data storage management that will fulfil nearly any business’s virtual data room needs. This software is made by CTC-Aspire (UK) Limited,who specializes […]