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FDM Platform by Framesoft: Review

What is FDM Platform? Created by Framesoft, FDM Platform is a virtual data room (VDR) that was created for mid-sized businesses. This software was designed to securely exchange confidential data, create personal bookmarks, manage document versions, handle email attachments, and more. Intended Users Mid-Sized Businesses are best suited to this VDR. Those in the financial, […]


Fordata virtual data room (VDR) is the leading Polish provider of VDRs that offer services for legal, financial, real estate, and other industries around the world. Fordata VDR is a web application (cloud-based storage) used for secure storage of files and data as well as controlled sharing of documents with third parties. Most commonly used […]

CTC-Aspire Dataroom: Review

This VDR is a document management system with an information request center, access control capabilities, and document libraries uploading. This UK-based software offers auditing, collaboration, data protection, due diligence management, role-based permissions, and data storage management that will fulfil nearly any business’s virtual data room needs. This software is made by CTC-Aspire (UK) Limited,who specializes […]

iRooms by Imprima: Review

What is iRooms? iRooms is a virtual data room (VDR) created by Imprima. This VDR takes security of their data rooms more seriously, as evidenced by their slogan, “Security with Substance.” As a leading VDR provider, iRooms offers its users a virtual data room platform that is extremely secure, fully supported, and beautifully functional. This […]

ePACS Data Room: Review

What is ePACS? The ePACS Productivity Suite is a straight-through processing platform intended for use by financial service firms. Developed by Docuspace Technologies, this paperless, cybersecure platform is compliant and is a great software for back office needs. From advisor on-boarding, advertising review process, and transition assistance, this SEC and FINRA compliant software is a […]

Infocentrix VDR: Review

What is Infocentrix? Infocentrix is a new Australia-based virtual data room (VDR) that is secure, offers document management and sharing capabilities, and is web-based for superior access and pricing. This VDR is a cloud-based solution that allows businesses and companies to upload documents online, keep them organized, allow them to be accessed by other users, […]

Docurex: Review

What is Docurex? Docurex is a highly secure virtual data room intended for due diligence and transaction usage. With this VDR, you can buy, sell, and manage transactions online in a highly secure environment. Intended Users Docurex is intended for use by a range of industries and can support all business sizes, from SMBs (Small […]

EthosData VDR: Review

What is EthosData? EthosData is a virtual data room (VDR) based out of London that focuses on confidential document sharing services. This data room offers businesses and organization to exchange confidential and sensitive information with ease and complete security. Among the services offered by EthosData are: Virtual Data Rooms, Fund Management, Investor Communications, and Virtual […]

Choosing the Highest Rated VDR for your Business

When it comes to choosing a virtual data room (VDR) for your business or company, it is crucial that you assess your company’s needs, regulations, compliances, and budget before making one of the most important decisions as a business-owner. There is a large market of VDR service providers offering virtual data room software around the […]