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Many of us are familiar with terms likes cloud computing, but lack a comprehensive understanding of how cloud storage impacts our personal and professional lives. We enjoy the conveniences of checking emails on the go, while remaining connected to our co-workers at our own pace.

Smartphones have certainly made our lives easier, but at what expense?

We hear stories about hackers stealing personal information and proprietary, confidential and sensitive business documents. We have a sense that hackers are stealing this valuable information from the cloud, but do not really know how and why we can protect our data.

Virtual data rooms provide a safe and secure environment to hold proprietary business data. The VDR market is a subset of the cloud computing industry. Prior to the Internet, when companies wanted to conduct due diligence during merger and acquisition discussions or transmit sensitive information to bankers, accountants and attorneys, these were done in physical locations.

Virtual data rooms allow companies to store and share business information in a secure environment and control who can access the documents, when they can review materials and see how long information was viewed.

All VDR solutions aim to help companies more efficient during due diligence proceedings. Some focus on collaboration, some focus on specific industries and all maintain industry complaint security measures.

Some VDR software providers offer the product as an extension of other business lines. Other VDR vendors built a product specifically for dealmakers. Although all VDR providers ensure mobile access, some are add-on and some solutions were designed for mobile dealmakers.

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